presentacioWho has not ever dared to tear the normality of the facts, of things, what one do and do not, he will be very difficult to grasp the reality that presents the work of Joan Tuset.

His characters, usually framed within a spaces and allegorical and poetic contexts, tell us about that reality that is not seen with the eyes, nor being heard with the ears, or is felt with touch, but it begins just there where ends the superficial understanding of life, of people.

Assuming disconfort to have to talk about feelings and deep yearnings, of beats hidden on the night of the heart, yesterday and today, on his canvases of flax, rehearsing, tireless, shaping what we are all, in the most intimate of ourselves. With a total nudity, with gestures and movements, with the looks and bodies, seeks to soften layers of life and the folds of the person's heart. Surprised more than once by his own impulses and the journey made in his personal history, Joan Tuset wants to help us, from his creation, to not to live without living. To not look without looking. To not feel without feeling. To not be without being.

Yes, Joan Tuset, with an exquisite beauty, creates, creating the artwork, that mirror that makes possible, to that one who does not fear the truth, find himself.

Vicenç Santamaria 
Montserrat monk

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