Who has not ever dared to tear the normality of the facts, of things, what one do and do not, he will be very difficult to grasp the reality that presents the work of Joan Tuset.
His characters, usually framed within a space and allegorical and poetic contexts, tell us about that reality that is not seen with the eyes, nor being heard with the ears, or is felt by touch, but it begins just there where ends the superficial understanding of life,of people. 
Assuming discomfort to have to talk about feelings and deep yearnings, of beats hidden in the night of the heart, yesterday and today, on his canvases of flax, rehearsing, tireless, shaping what we are all, in the most intimate of ourselves. With a total nudity, with gestures and movements, with the looks and bodies, seeks to soften layers of life and the folds of the person's heart. Surprised more than once by his own impulses and the journey made in his personal history, Joan Tuset wants to help us, from his creation, to not to live without living. To not look without looking. To not feel without feeling. To not be without being.
Yes, Joan Tuset, with an exquisite beauty, creates, creating the artwork, that mirror that makes possible, to that one who does not fear the truth, find himself.
                                                          Vicenç Santamaria 
                                                         Montserrat monk


Joan Tuset, experiences the drama of contemporary man facing both his own inner world and his Universe. His disturbing figurative themes, of a figuration far from a photographic reality, and within a bright light, make us see realities that transform the painting into a screen that move us through its sensitivity. Likewise, a brilliant draftsman and a wise colorist, Tuset asserts a strong artistic personality.

Ninon Gauthier
Le Finance de Montreal
The body, from all its aspects, is the source of inspiration for Joan Tuset. A sexless body that he models, that has a twin soul and that gives rise to multiple interpretations.
The human figure is for Tuset a continuous flow of ideas.
Ana Garcia
El Pais


Joan Tuset suggests more than showing, he leads us to abandon everything a priori to enter his universe.

Eric Lamien 
7 A Paris Magazine
The human figure is the essence in Joan Tuset's painting, he is interested in it not only to reproduce it according to its special visual catchment, but to express diversity of emotional situations. The honesty of personal expression in Tuset's works makes them very interesting.
Josep M ° Cadena
El Periodico
The painting of Joan Tuset demands something more than this first glance, if we insist on the contemplation of his works, we will discover progressively the human figure, suitable resource that the artist has chosen with sensibility and wisdom, that makes us arrive to the PAINTING with capital letters, and with the necessary dose of experimentation of the pain and contemplative ecstasy, and of final self-satisfaction.
Claudi Puchades
Catalunya Ràdio
Tuset always frames his characters in allegorical and poetic spaces and contexts, which speak to us of a reality that cannot be perceived by common sense if it is not extrasensory, trying to touch the most intimate side of the being, creating works of exquisite beauty.
Maria Mateu

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